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Success Stories: Medium solar facility
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Gsystems offers its customers development and construction services for medium-sized solar energy systems on large rooftops and on the ground. The company has extensive experience in the complex licensing procedures needed to obtain a license for mid-scale systems.

Gsystems focuses on the construction and development of medium size solar energy systems on the roofs of large buildings, such as agriculture properties, industrial buildings and logistics centers.

Over the past year and a half the company began licensing and development procedures of medium facilities for a significant number of customers, including rooftop owners, real estate companies and solar energy entrepreneurs.

Gsystems offers the following services to customers interested in developing and building medium solar energy systems:

  • A comprehensive business plan;
  • Examining technical feasibility for building the project and maximizing the rooftop’s potential;
  • Financial consulting;
  • Quick and efficient handling of licensing procedures with planning committees and the Israel Electric Corporation;
  • Characterizing the system according to rooftop structure and customer requirements;
  • Constructing the system using the company’s team and connecting it to the IEC electrical grid;
  • Warranty and maintenance services throughout the system’s lifetime.