Leasing roof-tops

Success Stories: Leasing roof-tops
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Gsystems constructed over 50 commercial solar energy systems on rooftops that were leased by the company and its partners. The financial stability of the company and its partners, along with the company’s proven implementation ability, enabled the rapid construction of projects that provide solid revenue for the roof-top owner as quickly as possible!!!

Gsystems offers property owners to lease out their rooftop space for the purpose of constructing solar energy systems under the following guidlines outlined as follows:

  • Fixed income for rooftop owners with no capital investment required;
  • Rapid construction of solar energy system to ensure payment of rental fees as soon as possible;
  • Vast experience in constructing solar systems on a broad range of roof structure ensures quality installation and roof protection;
  • Experience in work procedures of rental transactions vis-à-vis rooftop owners;
  • Improving structures and replacing asbestos roofs.