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Gsystems has built over 200 commercial solar energy systems nationwide and has sold a total of hundreds such systems. Our system, operated and maintained by our maintenance teams produce millions of shekels per year for our customers. Come and join the solar energy revolution before the energy quotas are filled!!!

Owners of large rooftops who are interested in acquiring commercial solar energy systems will enjoy a safe investment with a very attractive return.
Gsystems offers the following services for those purchasing rooftop solar systems:

  • Presentation of a complete business plan;
  • Examining technical feasibility for building the project and maximizing the rooftop’s potential;
  • Financial consulting;
  • Quick and efficient handling of licensing procedures with planning committees and the Israel Electric Corporation;
  • Systems design in accordance with rooftop structure and customer requirements;
  • Constructing the system using the company’s installation teams and connecting it to the IEC electrical grid;
  • Warranty and maintenance services throughout the system’s lifecycle.