About Us

G. Systems Solar Solutions Ltd. was founded in late 2007 as a PV Solar Systems’ integration and Development Company, focused on providing turnkey solar projects’ development and installations in the Israeli market, Europe and North America. 

G. Systems is a fast-growing company in the PV industry with over 50 employees. The team is diversified and composed of engineers, project managers, installations teams, sales and marketing, operations, logistics and support staff

The company’s management comes from a broad range of backgrounds including the high-tech industry, operations, Medical, Real Estate and investment banking

G. Systems has extensive cooperation with leading manufacturers of components for solar energy systems. The company’s engineers participate in professional in-service training on an ongoing basis and are certified by various manufacturers to install and maintain different systems.

Over the past 3 years the company established its position as a leading Israeli solar EPC with app. 10% market share. Some of the company’s achievements are:

  • 40MW of Projects installed and under development including small and mid-scale systems installed on roof tops and solar parks installed on lands
  • Installed and operating over 600 PV systems in Israel in the commercial and residential sectors
  • Expanded operation to North America, Curacao and Africa